1. Buying at falling trend is a suicidal idea, just like catching a falling knife. Rather buy at flat consolidation phase (L-pattern).

2. Don’t buy with guess. Only buy when u know that a stock should go up. When a clear sign appears. Like L or W pattern with volume spikes. (See 4 profitable patterns given my mrtq13).

3. Don’t fight with the market. You can't drive it. Let it go with its own way. And ride the train at proper situation (don't try to drive the train).

a good example: in my broker-house, a man (crore-pati and gambler) bought 2 lakh aims at 18 tk. some other gamblers joined him.He said, "i could buy at the lowest, he he he. I bought before all. This is the lowest of aims. I will drive the market. I will get aims to 29 tk again". (((See, he is under a lump of bull-shit now. Aims is now 12 tk.)))

On the next day, he bought again at higher price. But i saw no flat phase. So i did not enter. i thought i missed the train due to V-pattern. but my satisfaction is i don't like v-patterns and i have so many L and W to enter. (Mamun bhai also do not enter at V patterns as far i know. I always try to follow him).

Bottom line: even several gamblers togather can't drive a big train. Market movement is influenced by thousands of factors. So don't try to drive it...

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