TA, FA, OR RUMOUR? ..Mazhar

TA, FA, OR RUMOR? ------ Mazhar

SEC is shouting to invest in fundamentally good stocks, and they created a situation in which only fundamentally bad stocks can rise. (They don’t want to see the index rising…….)

I have been studying about people's investing strategy for the last few months.

I found, almost all guys invest based on "news".

What is "news"?Which stock will go up soon? Gamblers will play with which one? ------- This is the news.

And many of them have direct or indirect link with gamblers. Some collect news from 'via' source. ---------This is the source of news.

This strategy works. And nothing will work as good as this method. Because gamblers are the men who make the market up-down.

So what is the role of TA? We can catch/predict the movement of gamblers with the help of TA.

So what is the role of FA?Gamblers want to play with fundamentally good stocks. Because those are easy to feed us.

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