I submitted a sell order at last (plz see part-1).

But this order returned back within few seconds. Cause: CROSSED GROSS LIMIT.

There are 2 types of limits. INDIVIDUAL LIMIT & GROSS LIMIT.

I discussed about individual limit in part-1.

What the hell is 'gross limit'?

It is nothing but limit for the broker house. For example, my broker has 12 crore taka buy limit for today. All the buyers at this house can not submit buy orders more than 12 crore together.
Same thing about sell limit. For example, gross sell limit for AGNI is 25000 today, all the clients of this house can not submit sell orders more than 25000 together. I submitted 1000 AGNI sell order. this order returned back. because other clients of my house already exhausted the 25000 limit. Though I have 1000 AGNI matured. I can not sell it. I sent email but no reply so far, it is now 2:21 pm.

Is it my duty to fix their limit? Is it my duty to phone them everyday to fix my individual limits?


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