CSE-ITS has a good feature. It sends me an auto-generated email saying my order is executed.
See one example:

An order placed by you with the Order ID 42 has been executed.

The following are the trade details :

Trade ID 187


Buy / Sell Buy

Quantity 160

Price 325.0

At Jan 11, 2010

Broker Code / Trader Code XPSL / YXSL

Nice thing huh? But I found some problems:

1. DELAY: It does not come just after my order is executed. it delays several minutes to few hours! this intermediate time can confuse a trader. He may try to modify the order or add another order for money adjustment... etc etc.

2. FALSE EMAILS: Sometimes false email comes!!!!! Yes, false. I am not kidding. I got 4 false emails in the last one month. absolutely false information, those orders were not executed in reality. I informed my broker that, ''how come I bought those stocks at such low price, which is even below the lowest of that day!'' They said, no, these are false email. you did not bought these. (Just now I got information that another email was false, which I got on last day).



When an order is executed, we can know it from several ways.

1. pending orders: the executed order should be removed from pending list.

2. trades:
details of the executed order should appear in this list.

3. view limits > net exposure:
amount of money spent for this order should be added here (only in case of buy orders).

4. view limits > scrip wise positions: scrip names with corresponding spent money amount appears as a table (for buy orders only).

5. email notification: (already discussed).

I found, 3 and 4 works nicely. updates within a second.
But 1 and 2 do not update properly and make me confused. Once I modified an order in the pending box, which was already executed! Result was double buy. Since then, I do not rely on pending box.



Sometimes I experience this strange problem. I do not see any order in my 'pending orders' area. But I know I have submitted some orders.
Are they deleted automatically? Ok, no problem, I can submit again.

But unfortunately, these are not deleted. Some of these are being executed behind the screen! I could not modify these.
This is a very big bug of CSE-ITS.



See the image:

Yes, it is trading hour. I face this problem almost everyday. Usually at 2:40 pm, their server goes down for about 10 minutes. Sometimes for 30 minutes even. Probably due to narrow bandwidth.


Their time is wrong! It is almost 2 minutes fast! My 4-yrs-old son can adjust computer-time with 'time server', but CSE-ITS can not!
DSE-TESA time is also wrong. They are slow.

CSE is fast, DSE is slow! Wow wow wow!!! এত আনন্দ কই রাখি?


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