My programmer-friend Sarim Khan has just released this tool. Hats off to this great man. He is not a stock trader, he created it just for us, not for himself.


1. You can customize source address of mst file. (We were waiting for this feature, right?).

2. You can get data from web and get data from saved mst file (like DDD).

3. If u get from web, dsegen index will be available in the output csv file (like DDD).

4. It works on windows-XP, Linux, Mac, or any platform (Good news for Linux-users!).

5. The output csv files will be created inside a new folder, which will be created automatically first time (like DDD).

How to run:

double click only.

or right click and open with 'java(TM) platform'.

In Linux, u can use any of above methods or use terminal-method:
enter ''java -jar dse2.jar'' in the terminal while the tool should be kept in the home folder.

This is java based, so you have to have 'java runtime' installed in your computer. Download java for free from internet, if not yet.

Please run it after 3:30 pm on trading days, as we do for DDD. It can not report date-mismatch-error as DDD can. So, don't forget to check manually.


This one is open-source tool. You can distribute it to anybody for free.

You can improve it anytime, if you know java programming. And don't forget to distribute to all for free, if you have made some improvement / modification.

Please do not try to use it for any kind of commercial purpose.

(Please contact the creator if you want to work with him).

Bug report:

Don't forget to send bug report to Sarim khan via email or via his web page, if you find any error in this tool.

I sent it to all my friends via email. If you did not get it yet, just send me a mail, or you can download it from Sarim Khan's web page.


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