Those who want to install Linux, but do not want to say good-bye to windows-xp, can follow me. I installed Linux mint in my computer very recently, xp is there too, as a dual-boot option.

It is easy to install xp or linux in a computer, but if you want to keep them together, the method is a bit complex (only for them who are very ordinary users like me). I faced trouble in 'partition-management' only.

Let me tell the whole process precisely.

1. Collect the installation CD / pendrive, or download the iso file from these links:

Then burn the CD-image on an empty disc. Or make a bootable pendrive as I described in my previous post.

2. If you are installing it as a dual boot option, then you have to have an empty partition in your hard disc. I made a 40GB-partition empty for Linux. Just removed everything from this partition (let's call it drive-G) manually, using 'windows explorer'.

3. Boot the Linux os from your CD or pendrive.

4. Click on the 'install Linux mint' icon on the desktop to start installation.

5. Some easy options will come, like user-name, password, time-zone, keyboard-layout etc etc. These are easy to manage and I am not going to describe these.

6. When 'where to install' option will come, choose 'let me manage manually'.

7. A disc-management page will appear. You will see all your hard disc partitions with size and format-type. All your partitions are in NTFS format probably. Select and delete the partition-G. Now it will be 'empty space or un-partitioned space'. Select this space for installing Linux-mint. You can use 'gparted' to delete and format your hard drive. Gparted is available in the menu, even while you are in linux mint booted from cd.

8. You have to divide this empty space into 2 partitions, a smaller part for 'swap area' and a larger part for Linux mint os. Swap area should be double of your RAM size. It acts as a temporary RAM when the os runs. I tried to make it 2 GB, but it did not allow me less than 3GB. So, my swap area is 3GB. There is a slider to set the size of divisions, set it and forward to the next page. Select it as swap area then format it. It may take a long time. (select the unpartitioned space > add > set the size > set the format type as 'swap' > apply).

9. After that, select rest of the empty area for formatting. It is about 37GB in my case. Set as ext3 as format-type and set ''/'' as 'mount point'. Format it. (select the space > add > do not change the size > set the format type as ext3 > set mount point as / > apply).

10. Now you are ready to install Linux mint. Install on ext3 partition. Follow on-screen directions. Everything is easy.

I wrote this post blindly from my memory, as I do not have these installation pages in front of me. I wish to correct any errors if I find any.


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